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Sustainable Cashmere Knitwear & Recycled Yarn · Low impact Cashmere


Sustainable & Recycled Cashmere

We aim to prove that it is possible to create luxurious products without causing unnecessary harm to the planet. That's the reason why our knitwear yarns are coming from premium Italian mills that works with luxury established brands.

By creating beautiful knitwear from reengineered cashmere, we’re redefining waste and showing that a different system is possible. We works to make fashion circular.

We are collaborating with mills that guaranty ethical breeding and produce a superior quality of recycled cashmere. They combines quality with responsibility in all process and product aspects, being respectful of the animal welfare.

Among other recycled & organic cashmere quality, we use Re.Verso™ made from post-factory cashmere waste in Italy. Re.Verso™ is the first and only platform for re-engineering cashmere materials for fashion.

How is Re.Verso & Re-engineered cashmere made?

Re.Verso & Re-engineered yarns is the result of a unique eco-innovative technology that plays an integral part in working towards a circular economy. Cashmere waste from factories is sorted by hand. As the majority of Re.Verso™ & recycled yarns are not re-dyed. Cashmere materials are sorted by fibre, color and are tested to ensures fibre content and chemical safety. Re.Verso™ is also GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified.

Made up of pre consumer textile waste, Re.VerSo™ yarn offers the same quality as virgin cashmere, but with a much smaller carbon footprint, being CO2 free and untreated.

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Handwoven Cashmere from Ladakh

Almost 99% of the worldwide cashmere come from Mongolia & China and less than 1% come from Ladakh and the High Himalayas.

Ladakh cashmere is a very rare, fine quality which is only sold to the Kashmiris weavers at the local market in Srinagar. This is where our pashmina scarves are hand spun and hand woven in very small batches.

This cashmere "pashm" is sold raw, uncleaned so thin that it's almost impossible to weave it with power loom machine without breaking it. That's the reason why authentic pashmina stoles are still handwoven by artisans in Srinagar just as their ancestors did. We are glad to work with such beautiful and elevated technique which require no electricity at all.

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