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 Cashmere Sweater  Nº3  | Beige

Cashmere Sweater Nº3 | Beige

270,00 €     |   tax incl.
270,00 € tax excl.


· 100% sustainable cashmere
· 6 Ply
· Beige color
· Made locally in Spain
· One size fits all

This cashmere sweater combines comfort and femininity. Made with the finest cashmere  premium quality from Italy, this Sweater nº3 will become one of your favorite pieces thanks to its softness and timeless aesthetics.  This middle weight sweater is knitted with 6 ply on Japanese machines in a small family workshop in Spain. One size fits all size and body. Luxury yarn and elevated quality finishings make of this sweater a piece to be loved for years to come. 


PREORDER: 245€ until the 26th October

In stock : 270€ 


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