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Saffron Rib Scarf Nº2

Saffron Rib Scarf Nº2

119,00 €     |   tax incl.
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Traditional Retail : 250€

This saffron cashmere and recycled wool stole is your biggest ally over the seasons! Generous in size and sleek, it can be worn draped around the shoulders or wrapped around the neck in winter. It will allow you to combine warmth and elegance. For the sake of durability, we have knitted this large scarf with fine ribs. At the start, we find the dry feel of the wool which will give way over the washes to the softness and softness of the cashmere.

This stole is made from 100% traceable and recycled natural fibers from an Italian spinning mill. It is knitted with Japanese machines in a small Spanish workshop.

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PREORDER :  119 € until the 1st May 2020

SHIPPING DATE : 25th June 2020 approx

WHEN IN STOCK:  135 € 


100% recycled natural fibers
· 50% recycled cashmere 
· 50% recycled wool