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Pashmina Renée Rose | Silk & Cashmere stole
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Pashmina Renée Rose | Silk & Cashmere stole

165,00 €     |   tax incl.
165,00 € tax excl.

Renée pashmina bimaterial stole is made from the finnest handwoven cashmere with silk crepe printed. The contrasting rose monochrome pashmina and delicate silk floral prints make it easy to style with a classic coat or a jacket. The pashmina stole finished with sharp edges and faggot stitch handmade embroidery. We love how this refined design add a stylish touch for a romantic and atemporary silhouette.

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· Fabric 1: 100% crêpe silk
· Fabric 2: 100% cashmere harvested in The Himalayas
· 71' x 31'
· Silk piece with baby-hemmed edges
· Handmade ladder stitch embroidery
· Pashmina handwoven by artisans with sharp edges
· Dry cleaning
· Limited edition

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