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Pashmina Najda Champagne  | Cashmere & silk stole
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Pashmina Najda Champagne | Cashmere & silk stole

165,00 €     |   tax incl.
165,00 € tax excl.

Delicate weaving and sharp edges makes Florenz's champagne cashmere pashmina an exquisite everyday accessory. This pashmina stole has been handcrafted by artisans in Kashmir from the finest and lightweight cashmere. Beautifully soft, it is ideal for draping around your shoulders or as a neck scarf early fall. This is a perfect stole for both men and women.

· 71' x 31' 
· 100% crepe silk with baby-hemmed
· 100% pure Pashmina 100% cashmere
· Diamond weaving 
· 100% Cashmere with sharp edges 
· Hand spun in Ladakh and hand woven in Srinagar
· Faggot stitch handmade embroidery
· Light weight

· Dry cleaning

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