“We believe that now more than ever it’s necessary to reconnect with the magic of Nature. ”

Reconnecting with Nature

Forest fires, repeated heatwaves, climate change and prolonged periods of drought make the Iberian Peninsula one of the most arid areas in Europe. As increasingly serious wildfires burned through larger swaths of Spain and Portugal over the past few years.Each summer fires are leaving the forests and wildlife already weakened by human activities, completely devastated.

The loss of the local forests is not just disastrous for animal species but for climate change efforts. In this context, we decided to get involved in order to contribute to local reforestation projects.We believe that now more than ever it’s necessary to protect the biodiversity and to reconnect with the magic Nature.

Plant for the Future

1 Order = 1 Tree

Nowadays we are all responsible for the future of our planet and anyone can make a positive impact for trees and forests. That’s why we believe in giving back to the community.

For each order placed online, we fund Reforest’action projetcs and plant one tree locally. For each order, together we contribute to the reforestation of the Spanish and the Portuguese forests that have been devastated.

Beyond our engagement it is also a way for your designer Florence who grew up in a family of tree growers and farmers to pay tribute to her grandparents by perpetuating their spiritual heritage.