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No stock no waste

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Among many issues, overproduction, waste and unsold stock are becoming some of the most damaging.

Overproduction, too many seasons have a negative impact on the environment and the way we buy. Around 30% of all clothes made around the world are never sold. 50% of the clothing purchased per year ends up in a landfill.

We believe that together - brands and consumers - we can change the way we produce and the way you buy for a more sustainable and conscious practices.

Why preorder?

Wasting natural ressources, fiber and energy impact negatively both the final product pricing and the planet.

We believe in an enlightened consciousness of consumption, the idea of consuming better and less, preserving our environment. In this perspective, we are rethinking the way we produce, the way you buy. That's the reason we only produce what' i's already sold.

· We produce what is already sold
+ 5% more for those who need to change a size

· We avoid waste & overproduction

· We can focus on designing long lasting and luxury staples

· As we are able to reduce stock and mark-up, we can offer superior quality materials and well made garments at a honest price

· Because good things are worth waiting for

How it works?

· Select your size

· To place your pre-order online, add the product to your cart

· Preordering you will enjoy a better price than when we will add the 5% stock online.

· Approx delivery date is displayed on the product page.
Usually we need from 3 to 4 weeks depending the design.

· We are all humans and we will inform you during the entire process if any delay happens. If for any reason we can't produce your garment ( because recycled cashmere is not available in the exact shade at the moment or we don't reach our minimum ), you will be refunded.