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Florenz is a design studio specializing in fashion accessories and textiles brand. Florenz comes from a passion for traditional craftsmanship and textile design.The final result is a sustainable line offering contemporary scarves interpretation with a high sense of effortless elegance and quality.

Founded in 2012 by French designer living in Spain, Florence Bourgade and David Sanz Frías, the studio was established in Madrid and has strong ties with the creative and textile traditions of France and India.

Florenz Team - Florence Bourgade & David Sanz Frías
Florenz: La qualité et le coût des belles choses


Florenz aims to create timeless pieces for men and women who seeks something special and rare and for people inspired by the story behind the product. Our designs, accessories and home products are produced with love in a limited edition using the finest materials with a preference for natural and elegant fibers such as wool, silk or handwoven cotton.

As everywhere in the world, quality fabrics, professional standards and fair human working conditions comes with a price, wherever it may be.


Florenz believes in quality over quantity, in sustainability and ethical ways of working, valuing handmade craft and unique pieces over mass-produced products.

We collaborate with hight skilled artisans, textiles designers, manufacturers in India, Nepal and Spain. Our suppliers and manufacturers share the same value and promote long term sustainability and growth, both within their own companies and their local communities.

Florenz: La qualité et le coût des belles choses