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Cashmere Pashmina and Jacquard weaving process

Cashmere hand-woven Pashmina

Lightweight and uniquely delicate

Over the centuries, the authentic pashmina has, in succession, been worn by Mughal Emperors, Indian and Iranian nobles, French Empresses and British aristocrats. The remarkable attributes pashmina possessed have seen it exported to the four corners of the globe. If Pashmina is so exceptionally lightweight and uniquely delicate, it is thanks to pashm fibre, an extremely fine cashmere harvested from the winter undercoat of goats in Ladakh in the upper reaches of the Himalayas.

Pashm harvests begin in the month of June and continue through until the end of the summer. Then, come the delicate cleaning and spinning the pashm. In keeping with ancestral tradition, it is the young ladies who will use the spinning wheels passed down to them by their mothers, until they obtain that exceptionally fine thread known as pashmina. A thread so fine that it can only be spun by hand in the workshops of the master spinners in Srinagar before being used to produce the shawl of kings.


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Florenz Calais and Chantilly Lace from France

Calais Lace

Cashmere Pashmina and lace, two great classics revisited

It has neither weft nor warp and can be designed by hand or by machine at the hands of expert lace makers. Calais lace, whose reputation is global, continues to inspire the world of haute couture and designers everywhere. Lace produced on a Leavers machine is truly exquisite – infinitely delicate, and with endless design possibilities.

Florenz is in love with lace and adores its finesse and strong heritage. For all those reasons, lace features prominently in our collections – with French-made Chantilly lace ribbon adorning our cashmere pashminas.

Creating a pashmina shawl embellished with lace takes outstanding know-how and skill. Only a handful of expert artisans who learnt their craft in haute couture fashion houses have the talent and dexterity required. Each step of the process is carried out in our Haute Couture workshops in Madrid, Spain.