Summer essentials 2017 by Florence, founder of Florenz


Regarding music, I like almost all styles … The most important thing is that the song affects me whatever it makes me dance, laugh, sing or even cry… I admit that I have a particular penchant for world music. When younger, I used to listen to Arrested Development. I must have been marked by this period, because in my playslists there are still many musics of Balkan, Bulgarian songs, classics Bollywood and Corsican songs …

Currently I am listening to these songs which are going to accompany me during all the summertime, you can find in my playlist international and French electro music, as well as world music couple with electronics, or French classics and Hindi love songs …


Summer and winter, I always travel with two scarves. No matter the season, I always have with me both a silk shawl and a  cashmere pashmina. During summertime I  like to wear a silk shawl in vibrating colors with strong prints to play and enlighten my daily outfit. I also take a timeless and elegant pashmina decorated with french lace for the more dressed evenings.


I am an impulsive person and I used to improvise at last moment… Even if since I am a mom of a 2-year-old girl named Audrey, I make some efforts to plan a minimum, I have not found my rhythm of cruise between last-minute improvisation and organization yet. Where are we going? What are we doing? So long as the destination allows me to get fresh ideas and to feed inside, everything suits me. I pack my suitcases at last moment but I take care of reserving an apartment on Airbnb or, at least, of bringing the LonelyPlanet.


On a business trip or vacation, if I travel alone, I use to travel light: my passport, a good book, some easy to wear clothes (a linen skirt and dress, a silk scarf, a lipstick, low-heeled shoes, a cashmere pashmina…) and, lastly my laptop. If I am working on a photography project I bring with me my camera which is an authentic Hasselblad as I keep shooting with film rather than digital.

When I am traveling with my family, that’s another story! Usually it is the case during summertime and we have at least 4 or 5 suitcases: toys, teddy bears, scooters of my daughter… folding bed, high protection sunscreen, iPad with cartoons for an hour and a half… My man suitcase…



I live in Madrid the whole year and I often travel to India, so in August I literally avoid the hot weather in Madrid. Wherever I go I look for fresh weather. During summertime I dream to come back in Iceland, or leave to Scandinavian countries… Anywhere where I can escape from the hot Spain weather. This year, I will spend one month in my native city, Bordeaux, with my family to see my mother and my childhood friends. As every year we will go for a swim in Cap Ferret, eat oysters and spend some days in Auvergne.


With no doubts I would say going to bed late and sleep late in the morning. It became a luxury the rest of the year. Otherwise, my pass time during the holidays is to take time to do what I never manage to make the rest of the year: live at the rate of my desires. Have breakfast outside, stroll, to organize dinners with friends in the evening in the garden, authorize me doing nothing or almost. Make Tai Chi regularly, read to the bed till late in the night and go to the ocean. I like sea sprays, the Atlantic Ocean, the waves, but I do not like remaining on the beach for long hours so I will never be found sunbathing … In any case it is in summer, that I dream about, that I take time to imagine the next collection and to sketch the prints.


In summer, I like fresh white wines such as Tariquet or Albariño for the evening debuts.

And Margarita and Tequila for later hours.


As mentioned above I fear hot weather. So I would say put air-conditioning in work or leave for vacation in the North. That being said, it is also possible to go less far, for instance the Sierra de Madrid offers great fresh natural pool, or go for a walk along the shadow of the Monastery of El Escorial. Both are perfect during the summertime to refresh.

If we stay in Madrid, I advise staying at home at the hottest hours and going out only very early in the morning or late at night to take advantage of the relative freshness of the nights in Madrid. In the evening, we can then go out to have a drink on one of the rooftop of the capital, to walk in the Park del Morro, or in the Temple of Debod. The weekend, it is also the ideal moment to go to exhibitions to Matadero or to Casa Encendida (their rooftop is great), eat some tapas with friends to the Mercado San Fernando on Sundays. As a last resort, if it is really too hot, to go to see a good movie in cinemas Renoir or to the Golem Plaza España stays one of the best options to escape the heat.

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