Stories of India, stories of passion

In search of the most beautiful know-how of the Himalayas


Stories knead our imaginations and our societies, they bind people together, constitute collective imaginary universes and participate in the construction of inclusive reference bases that promote a sense of belonging. They also have the strength conferred on them by their transmissible nature, placing them as impalpable bonds, adaptable according to the morals they must serve, nourishing the intergenerational sphere. Everything is history, everything is storytelling, everything can lend itself to the reverie specific to childhood and considering life from this angle allows us to remain open to the magic of life and to nourish our creativity.


Passionate about beautiful things, art crafts and unique skills, in search of inspirations, openings and encounters, as we have few of them, but which turn out to be hinges as they shake us up and modify our perceptions to the point of pushing us to change our lives and that only travel brings, Florence travelled through India for many months. She will discover the finest cashmere in the Himalayas, the one that gives life to the pashminas of Kashmir. Its creative process is for the most part original and is adapted to the abilities of craftsmen: to meet, to be turned upside down, to turn around by a fabric, a motif, a shape and to use it as a source of creative reflection. We cut, turn, draw, bend around this piece until we reach a finished creation that is satisfactory and unique; here it is not the spirit that is the seat of creation but the hands. Hands create, make and stimulate the brain to help them sublimate the clay they originally made.



The origin of the Kimonos

But we are here to prove to you that it’s all about stories, that they keep feeding us and inspiring our work and creations, so here’s one of ours:


While pregnant and in India, meeting exceptional craftsmen, Florence, who considered that her clothes were not elegant enough for professional meetings but caught up in the desire to feel free to move freely when she saw her situation, had an idea. Stunned by the heat, by caressing the fabrics of a weavers’ workshop with her fingertips, she decided to create a tailor-made garment that would offer her a being chic. She then designed a room that would allow her to feel elegancy and comfortable. To do this, she was inspired by the fabrics, with which she was then surrounded, but also by the forms of Asian culture that struck her head on while simply following her desires. The Kimonos, which you can find on the site are born this way, from a human and maternal need.


All we can wish you and advise you is to remain open and attentive to the world around you, to your desires; the slightest detail can be the beginning of a great story.

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