Cashmere pashmina & lace shawls..our new collection is in progress… Stay tuned!

The meeting of the Indian know-how and Haute Couture gave life to our new models of pashminas in cashmere decorated with lace.

From the needle, to the loom, from Asia to Europe, our pashminas decorated with lace borrowed the best of the traditional know-how peculiar to every culture to give birth to our new elegant and timeless models. We met a team of enthusiasts realizing wedding dresses to conceive our new limited collection. 

Discover right now the result of this collaboration with our new models of real pashminas in powdered pink and sand colors.


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Geishas and Maikos wander in kimonos around the streets of Kyoto

Although they are no more than 600 over Japan, Geisha girls and Maikos (apprentices Geisha girl) pursue the tradition with rigorousness. It is in Kyoto, the former imperial capital, that we find half of these young women having chosen to adopt this art of secular life. Dance, singing, refinement of the gesture, these women appeared during the 16th century still evolve today in a closed universe with secret rites.

The Belgian photographer, Régis Défurnaux, had the honor to interfere himself in the very closed world of Maikos (apprentices Geisha girls) as a permanent guest of a house of tea in Kyoto. Where he discovered and captured the everyday life of these symbols of the Japanese culture. Far from stereotypes, it is a real work of visual anthropology that proposes Régis Défurnaux regarding these women who handle the art of wearing a kimono as nobody else.

© Régis Défurnaux photographies

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When scarves meet art

From the outset, painters got down to best represent faces but also clothes and other accessories when they were painting a portrait. Thus, as scarves have always been a key fashion accessory we can find them in a lot of paintings from Vermeer to Kiki de Montparnasse, all have painted scarves with their own vision. We can find fur wrap in the portrait of Greco, but also silk scarf  by Johannes Vermeer, and many others. Sometimes it happened that the scarf is becoming such important in the painting that the painter decide to name his piece of art around it: The Red Scarf by Nicolae Vermont, The Blue Scarf by Tamara Lempicka… It cannot be denied that All women, at any times, have shown their ability to adapt it at their outfits whatever in which fashion circle they were.

Nowadays scarf are always really present and represented either in paintings but also in the streets. Don’t forget to wear a scarf when you go out.

John William Godward (1861-1922) Lycinna

Johannes Vermeer (1665) Girl with a Pearl Earring

Nicolae Vermont (1925) The Red Scarf

El Greco (1580) Lady in a fur wrap

Tamara de Lempicka (1930) The Blue Scarf 

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Kimono exhibition at the Musée Guimet

Immerse yourself in the history of the Japanese fashion since the Edo period (1603-1868 ) thanks to the retrospective exhibition”Kimono, au bonheur des dames” proposed by the Guimet museum in Paris. For the first time in France will be gathered the works of the legendary house Matsuzakaya established in 1611. By following the path of the evolution of the kimono over the centuries you will discover the place of the women in the Japanese society.

The exhibition which goes up to the current time will also allow you to discover the diverse reinterpretations of western creators. From Saint Laurent to Jean Paul Gaultier including John Galliano all got down to create a unique vision of this iconic garment of the Japanese fashion which was formerly worn as underwear, before being adopted by the samurai and later becoming the traditional garment of all social classes.

• Kimono, au bonheur des dames exhibition until 22 May 2017, Musée national des arts asiatiques – Guimet, 6 place d’Iéna 75116 Paris

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The Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc had a crazy project : to travel worldwide in order to capture the feminine beauty, and demonstrate its universal aspect. This is the way the Romania-based photographer had been travelling to 37 countries in 15 months to show of all that beauty recovers numerous aspects that she gathered through worldwide women’s portraits in her work The Atlas of Beauty. The idea of this project came from a journey which made her realize that beauty was not always where we expected it most, and owned much more peculiarities than what the fashion diktats’ often lead us to think.

“A trip to Ethiopia showed me some wonderful women, far away from our modern world and trends. This was the moment when I realized that beauty is everywhere and I could show this to all the world.” said Mihaela Noroc

Since the publication of The Atlas of Beauty, the photographer Mihaela Noroc pursue her dream and continue to travel and capture beauty all over the world. Trying to open minds of the broadest public and prove that beauty is far from being an exclusive concept.


Singapur mihaela noroc


Valparaíso, Chile mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Provincia Sichuan, China mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Otavalo, Ecuador mihaela noroc


Maramures, Rumania mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Istanbul tuquie mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty

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A scarf parade across the world

From Paris to New York, not to forget London and Milano, get ready to see parading in every corner of the world counts of scarfs. Whether they are printed, embroidered, in tartan or paisley, they have already known how to stand out in the looks of all the fashion lovers across the world. The latter understood well that the scarf, is the ideal accessory to complete a perfect outfit. We were already able to notice it during Fashion Weeks of New York and London, and we shall not miss to find them in Milan and in Paris in the next few weeks…

foulard echarpe nyfw 2017

florenz street style nyfw men scarf

man woman scarf nyfw 2017



Silk scarves, cashmere & pashminas shawls selection

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SS17 Showroom Imoni



Florenz at the Imoni Showroom

Florenz is delighted to invite professionals from the Fashion industry to the launch

of the new Spring Summer 2016 collection

  Imoni showroom · Cercle Suedois

242 Rue Rivoli

75001 Paris


T +34 653 35 18 45

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