Summer essentials 2017 by Marion, Communication Officer of Florenz

Summer 2017 is finally here, vacation is coming, and it is high time to introduce you our essentials of the seasons. Let’s begin this series of articles with the answers of Marion our Communication Officer at Florenz.


Regarding music I have very heterogeneous tastes, you can find below my top 10 songs with some novelties and a lot of classics:

– RGB – The Gift

Assenzio – Fedez

Forever Young – Alphaville

Seaside – The Kooks

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

The sound of silence – Simon & Garfunkel

Wild world – Cat Stevens

Malibu – Miley Cyrus

– 212 – Azealia Banks

Bad Girls – MIA


During the summertime I am looking to escape and explore, and currently my dream destination is the Asian continent. So it is quite naturally that I’ve chosen the Bijinga 100% silk scarf to accompany me. I really love its artistic aspect, and its homage to Kitagawa Utamaro’s work. I like to wear it as a turban or a scarf.


It is necessary to know that I am not a very organized person regarding holiday. I do not particularly like the traced routes, I am rather the kind to leave free court with my desires. The timed journeys are not clearly something that I look for, but I admit that before going on holiday I have some small rites, in particular go on Instagram. I try to find typical places there, in Barcelona last summer I had make the discovery of the Bunkers del Carmel which I recommend highly. I also often realize boards on Pinterest where I insert all the photos of the places which I want to discover in the city and the neighborhood.


I never go on holidays without my camera to immortalize everything I quickly have thousands of photos to sort out at the end of the holidays, but it does not matter, my camera is still my essential accessory, the first one on my list. I use a reflex (Cannon 1000d) which follows me for years and has already travel a lot!

Regarding fashion, I always bring one (or several) pair of sandals to stride along the streets of the city. A swimsuit to be able to take fully advantage of the beach and the ocean. Sunglasses and good novel.

Regarding beauty, I keep a good sunscreen, and a light mist for strong heat.


I am going one week to Lisbon in the middle of July, I have never set foot in Portugal, and I am looking forward to discovering this new country! Then, I will return on the wild coasts of my native Brittany for the end of the summer.


Besides the beach, if there is a thing which I adore on holidays, it is to hunt for antiques. I adore going to flea markets, and try to find the perfect gift for my close friends, something authentic, and often old objects, which are for me real small treasures much more than what can be find in any souvenir shops, which are for me tourist traps. And as I adore the vintage, I always prepare my flea markets schedule before going anywhere for vacation.


Without any hesitation I would say mojitos !


When the strong hot season arrives to Madrid I like taking advantage of the fresh air in museums and take advantage of it to rediscover all these beautiful works. I also have a passion for architecture, and I adore to visit cathedrals, church, chapel, … And it is a chance that Madrid possesses a lot, each more beautiful than the last. At the end of evening when the heat gets refreshed, or at least that the sun does not hit any more so hard, I like going have a drink on one of the rooftops of the city and taking advantage of the offered view. But Madrid also possesses full of attractive terraces which spreads of mist to counter the heat and are thus so pleasant. The Atocha station of Madrid is also worth seeing, and to escape a little from the city the time of a weekend in the countryside is also a good way to escape the heat of the city!

images source: mode•arte

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5 destinations where to wear your Florenz scarf

As you may have notice, at Florenz we are really inspired by travels. Summertime is really close, so we have selected 5 destinations where to keep your Florenz scarf.

MOSCOW, Russia

If you are going for a break in Moscow, do not forget your Carmen Honey  pashmina, go admire the amazing orthodox architecture, enjoy a break at the Red Place while reading Dostoevsky and listening Michael Jackson’s song “Stranger in Moscow”. Total escape guaranteed!  


Our 100% silk scarf, Bijinga, will be the perfect partner to discover Beijing this summer to admire all the temples, and walk on the Great Wall of China with style as the Fendi’s models a few years ago.

AMSTERDAM, Netherland

Go stroll on Amsterdam bridge while listening to Brel. Rent a bicycle and explore the city, but above all, do not forget to keep your silk and cashmere scarf to fully enjoy the fresh summer nights.

PARIS, France

Walk though Paris’ street, listen to the street artists who play La Vie en Rose, go visit the Louvre Museum and feel as free as Amélie Poulain. Last tip, but not least, to feel like the perfect french girl, wear your lace pashmina proudly.


Immaculate white, infinite blue, amazing sunsets.. Welcome in Santorini! Sun, sea, sand, but also your silk scarf which perfectly match with the landscape…

Bon voyage ! 

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Spotted: Shawls and scarves at the Cannes Film Festival

The 70th edition of the Cannes film festival is going full swing, and as every year, the red carpet have seen parading number of scarves,  and other shawls. As every year, the biggest actors were proudly wearing their most beautiful scarves for the occasion. Back to the images on the most beautiful shawls seen in Cannes these last years.

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Sonia Braga playing with her red transparent scarf 

The beautiful Blake Lively could not chose between wearing a necklace or a scarf, so she decided to wear her red scarf as a necklace

There are not only women that wears scarves and shawls at Cannes, there are also men, such as Brad Pitt and his grey cashmere shawl.

Charlize Theron chose to wear a black plumetis tulle embroidered to match her black plumetis dress

Catherine Deneuve added a pink touch to her little black dress with a fuchsia velvet shawl.

Poppy Delevingne arrived at Cannes with an electric blue cashmere shawl that we could not miss.

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Beautiful Pashmina in real cashmere

As you know, at Florenz we like working the cashmere in order to propose you diverse shawls and scarfs produced with the highest quality materials. All our cashmere products are conceived in India, because the production and the manufacturing of the real pashmina shawl is limited to the only geographical zone of origin of the goats from which arises the fiber of cashmere, this territory extends from the North of the Indian Kashmir to Ladakh.

You can find right now on our e-shop our miscellaneous products in cashmere:



Carré H, Hermès Paris

Défilé Del Pozo

Del Pozo sweater in cashmere, FW 14-15

Hermès scarf, wool and cashmere

Melina Gesto by Thomas Lohr for Vogue Germany September 2014

Alsacien cashmere scarf, end of 19 century

Gucci jumper in real cashmere and wool

Gucci, FW 2016-2017

Florenz Lace Pashmina scarf with Calais Lace


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Flower Power… No doubt Spring is here

Spring is already well installed, the opportunity to come back on these spring collections which bloomed on the catwalks. From Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga to Alessandro Michele at Gucci, the fluid dresses with flowery printed matters are really fashionable at the moment. Colored, almost acidulated, the floral alternatives are not lacking. Bucolic dresses in transparency at Gucci, enhanced by cowboy boots embroidered at Balenciaga. There are choices for all the tastes, and you will certainly find what you are looking for there. Because let us not forget that Happiness Is in the Field.

Balenciaga by Demna Gvasalia

Gucci by Alessandro Michele


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Cashmere pashmina & lace shawls..our new collection is in progress… Stay tuned!

The meeting of the Indian know-how and Haute Couture gave life to our new models of pashminas in cashmere decorated with lace.

From the needle, to the loom, from Asia to Europe, our pashminas decorated with lace borrowed the best of the traditional know-how peculiar to every culture to give birth to our new elegant and timeless models. We met a team of enthusiasts realizing wedding dresses to conceive our new limited collection. 

Discover right now the result of this collaboration with our new models of real pashminas in powdered pink and sand colors.


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Geishas and Maikos wander in kimonos around the streets of Kyoto

Although they are no more than 600 over Japan, Geisha girls and Maikos (apprentices Geisha girl) pursue the tradition with rigorousness. It is in Kyoto, the former imperial capital, that we find half of these young women having chosen to adopt this art of secular life. Dance, singing, refinement of the gesture, these women appeared during the 16th century still evolve today in a closed universe with secret rites.

The Belgian photographer, Régis Défurnaux, had the honor to interfere himself in the very closed world of Maikos (apprentices Geisha girls) as a permanent guest of a house of tea in Kyoto. Where he discovered and captured the everyday life of these symbols of the Japanese culture. Far from stereotypes, it is a real work of visual anthropology that proposes Régis Défurnaux regarding these women who handle the art of wearing a kimono as nobody else.

© Régis Défurnaux photographies

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When scarves meet art

From the outset, painters got down to best represent faces but also clothes and other accessories when they were painting a portrait. Thus, as scarves have always been a key fashion accessory we can find them in a lot of paintings from Vermeer to Kiki de Montparnasse, all have painted scarves with their own vision. We can find fur wrap in the portrait of Greco, but also silk scarf  by Johannes Vermeer, and many others. Sometimes it happened that the scarf is becoming such important in the painting that the painter decide to name his piece of art around it: The Red Scarf by Nicolae Vermont, The Blue Scarf by Tamara Lempicka… It cannot be denied that All women, at any times, have shown their ability to adapt it at their outfits whatever in which fashion circle they were.

Nowadays scarf are always really present and represented either in paintings but also in the streets. Don’t forget to wear a scarf when you go out.

John William Godward (1861-1922) Lycinna

Johannes Vermeer (1665) Girl with a Pearl Earring

Nicolae Vermont (1925) The Red Scarf

El Greco (1580) Lady in a fur wrap

Tamara de Lempicka (1930) The Blue Scarf 

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Kimono exhibition at the Musée Guimet

Immerse yourself in the history of the Japanese fashion since the Edo period (1603-1868 ) thanks to the retrospective exhibition”Kimono, au bonheur des dames” proposed by the Guimet museum in Paris. For the first time in France will be gathered the works of the legendary house Matsuzakaya established in 1611. By following the path of the evolution of the kimono over the centuries you will discover the place of the women in the Japanese society.

The exhibition which goes up to the current time will also allow you to discover the diverse reinterpretations of western creators. From Saint Laurent to Jean Paul Gaultier including John Galliano all got down to create a unique vision of this iconic garment of the Japanese fashion which was formerly worn as underwear, before being adopted by the samurai and later becoming the traditional garment of all social classes.

• Kimono, au bonheur des dames exhibition until 22 May 2017, Musée national des arts asiatiques – Guimet, 6 place d’Iéna 75116 Paris

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The Atlas of Beauty

Mihaela Noroc had a crazy project : to travel worldwide in order to capture the feminine beauty, and demonstrate its universal aspect. This is the way the Romania-based photographer had been travelling to 37 countries in 15 months to show of all that beauty recovers numerous aspects that she gathered through worldwide women’s portraits in her work The Atlas of Beauty. The idea of this project came from a journey which made her realize that beauty was not always where we expected it most, and owned much more peculiarities than what the fashion diktats’ often lead us to think.

“A trip to Ethiopia showed me some wonderful women, far away from our modern world and trends. This was the moment when I realized that beauty is everywhere and I could show this to all the world.” said Mihaela Noroc

Since the publication of The Atlas of Beauty, the photographer Mihaela Noroc pursue her dream and continue to travel and capture beauty all over the world. Trying to open minds of the broadest public and prove that beauty is far from being an exclusive concept.


Singapur mihaela noroc


Valparaíso, Chile mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Provincia Sichuan, China mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Otavalo, Ecuador mihaela noroc


Maramures, Rumania mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty


Istanbul tuquie mihaela noroc the atlas of beauty

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